Foodie Friends - The Cardiff Coeliac

Frustrated by the lack of gluten-free restaurants or produce in Cardiff? So is Hannah, author of "The Cardiff Coeliac".

Plenty of old dough - but what about the alternatives? Photo by cardiffbites

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in about September of last year (2009) as part of my postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism. I have two blogs - The Cardiff Coeliac and a journalism blog.

Why food?
I chose to blog about food mainly because i love it!

Is it important to blog about being a foodie and a coeliac?
I have been a coeliac since I was 3 and so have always had to live on a gluten-free diet. This makes eating out tricky (especially in Italian restaurants), so I blog about being a coeliac and about where to eat in Cardiff.

When I first arrived there was no information about coeliac disease in Cardiff, despite there being a big research centre at one of the Cardiff hospitals!

How has blogging helped you?
Blogging has allowed me to connect with a coeliac network, something I never really had untill I started the cardiff coeliac. Each of my posts tends to average around 40 hits, and people I meet through the site are really helpful at giving advice and support. One of the things that really annoys me is reading articles about how coeliac disease was the end of their lives!

A classic example can sadly be found on Wales Online . Part of my blog is to prove that you can still have fun and be healthy as a coeliac without having to go overboard!

And your readers?
I constantly get messages about places I can eat in Cardiff thanks to the blog, and have raised awareness amoungst restaurant owners about coeliac disease by blogging.


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