In Rude Health at Abergavenny

I make no secret of being a huge fan of the Rude Health Rants, brought to you by the lovely people at Rude Health cereals.  I first encountered them at Abergavenny Food Festival in 2009 and was completely drawn in.

The premise is simple - passionate foodies and producers get a chance to get all their frustration off their chests, whether it be about the joys of milk, tea or even orangutans, they simply stand, with microphone and get ranting.  It is joyous to see so many people, so committed to good food and educating others that it always attracts a crowd. 

This year the ranters will once again be taking to their hay-bale at Abergavenny Food Festival and Rude Health were kind enough to give me a bit of an exclusive by telling me who is ranting and even (for some) what they are ranting about before they published it anywhere else!

Fancy joining them?  Email Charlotte at Rude Health for more info on how to join in! 

The Ranters 

Henrietta Lovell - Proper Tea

Chris Young 
Richard Bertinet 
Alison Lea-Wilson  - Good salt
Lucas Hollweg  

Christopher Cooper (Gordon Ramsey's sommelier)
Dave Paull  - Milk
Rufus Carter - Ill-conceived, humorous & libelous ramblings of an angry foodie 

Henry Ashby - Foraging
Valentine Warner  

Christine Smallwood - Stop the spininterview (Editor's note: no idea!)
Stephen Hook  - Raw milk
Bruno Giorgi (Truffle expert) - Truffles

Sue Pritchard/KALM: The future of Livestock Markets - with special reference to Abergavenny.
John Johns 
Michael Jacobs
Jose Pizarro  

Richard Arnold  - Proper Welsh Milk take the miles out of milk
Tom Harrow  

Chris Hirst - Ghastliness of competative food programmes
Helen - Moan about prices but then expect everything ingredients wise to be high quality 
Tom - Brainwashed consumers & red stickers 
Claire Martinsen - Real lemonade
Paolo Arrigo 
Arun Kapil 
Marc Demarquette  - Fine chocolate   
Signe Johansen - It's not just herrings 


Camilla said…
Looking forward to seeing you again this year. What's your rant Nicky?
Looking forward to seeing you all too. Believe it or not I am a complete wimp when it comes to public speaking so anyone who has had the pleasure (trauma) of seeing me mumble my way through anything knows it's not a fun experience for any of us!

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