A taste of home

Of all the guest posts, a little piece on Welsh cakes really captured the imaginations of my twitter followers.  Kate and I were inundated with tweets along the lines of "Love your recipe, but my mam/gran/wife makes the best Welsh cakes ever!" and many arguements about whether a jam split was even a real Welsh Cake (the consensus being no it's not but that we quite liked them anyway).

Fast forward a few weeks later and the lovely Deb from Saladin House Family Foods tweeted me to ask if I'd like to sample some of her little cakes, well how could I say no?

After much fretting about whether they would get here in one piece or whether an errant postie would make off with my stash, they arrived.

Pretty, gingham-wrapped cakes (Photo: Cardiff Bites)

Cute! (Photo: Cardiff Bites)

They smelt amazing - sweet and spicy.  Tearing off the red and white checked paper I found these beauties.

Ready for their close-up (Photo: Cardiff Bites)

The first thing I noticed were that the cakes seemed a little on the thin side.  My other half inspected them and figured they'd got a bit squashed coming through the letter box so after faffing around taking more photos we figured it was time to get eating.

Obligatory bird's eye shot (Photo: Cardiff Bites)

A generous dusting of sugar coated the cakes, giving it a slightly crunchy texture.  The cake itself was golden brown from the bakestone and melt-in-the-mouth buttery.  A hint of that heady spice gave way to some juicy fruit.  Over all a very satisfying little cake.  So satisfying that I managed to inhale three without thinking!

With so many of my friends (Welsh and otherwise) living over the border it is often a struggle to find them a decent Welsh cake fix.  Luckily for them, Deb's cakes are available to order online from £12.49 for the plain variety and £12.99 for the fruited.  She even does "survival" packs - monthly deliveries of cakey goodness for 3 or 6 months! 

Go on, treat yourself.


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