A True Taste of Wales

Back in July I had the onerous task of sitting on the judging panel at the True Taste of Wales AwardsI spent a day in Swansea with industry experts stuffing my face deliberating over several categories including Best Lamb, Cakes and Fruit.  Yes, dear readers, I do indeed suffer for my art.

Following on from the hard work, along came October and it was time to let our hair down as the winners were announced.

Now I'm not going to type out the list of winners because there were a 118 awards up for grabs and frankly if you want to know you follow this link. Don't fancy wading through the list?  Here are my top picks...

Clotted Cream with Peach & Raspberry
Forte's Dairy Ice Cream 
Winner of the bronze award for Best Ice Cream (Large Producer) this is a proper grown-up take on a raspberry ripple.  Sweet raspberry sauce combined with chunks of ripe peach and oh so delicious clotted cream.  I sought this out on a windy day in Llandudno and it was well worth it.

Marbled Chocolate Orange Temptation
Beautifully presented cakes, perfect for dinner parties or just as a treat.  

Vanilla Salted Caramel
One of four awards that Baravelli's received on the night, these chocolates combine that heavenly combination of salt and caramel to create a very special, after-dinner treat.

Danzy Jones
Celtic Spirit Co.  
A gold award winner, this Whisky liqueur is warm and mellow.  Stick some in your hot toddy or drink it neat for an all-over glow.

Dressed Crab
Aberdaron Seafood Ltd.
Beautifully dressed in it's shell, this crab is sweet and meaty.  This would be a perfect addition to your Christmas table. 

Kiln Roasted Oak Smoked Salmon 
Llandudno Smokery  
As someone who has a profound dislike of smoked salmon, this product was a revelation - gone was the cigarette-ash taste, replaced by a cleaner, subtler smokey taste.  I can't recommend this enough.

Rudolph Potato
Puffin Produce  
Of all the things I tasted whilst judging and at the awards, this humble red-skinned spud is by far my favourite.  A "butterless" variety, it needs nothing more than a quick boil to be delicious - no need for fat or salt.

A hearty "llongyfarchiadau" to all the winners.


Kacie said…
Ahh love this post, makes me even more jealous that I couldn't go :o( Have added a link to this on one of my latest posts :o) xx
Would have been great to meet you (maybe a sneaky coffee and cake soon?) and you missed a great night. We were there from 6pm and left at 1am and the party was STILL going!

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