It's a Hard Life

It's a hard life being a food blogger.  No really. 

Let me explain...

A few weeks ago my boss (for dear readers, I have a day job) had been on a baking spree over the weekend and brought in a delicious looking Victoria Sponge.  As she sliced it up, she eyed me with scepticism, "I can't give any to you, you might hate it.  I mean you're a critic".

I sighed.  This isn't the first time I've heard this.  Every time I go to a friend's for food it's the same.  "You'd better not review my meal!"

I protest every time, I'm just misunderstood - whilst I critique, I'm rarely critical - not in a wholly negative sense anyways.  Criticism is fair and even handed - encouraging where needed, praising where deserved and judging without malice if fault is found.

I wasn't going to win this one with words.  I demolished the first piece of light, airy sponge with its sandwich of cream and strawberry jam.  Then I reminded her why I got into this in the first place, I like food.  I like talking about it, thinking about it and especially eating it.  I did the only thing I could in this situation - reached for a second slice. 

Satisfied, I was allowed to eat it without comment.

So J, if you're reading this - it was lovely and can you bring some more in please?


Anonymous said…
Ha, I get that all the time from friends when I go round for dinner. I'd never really thought about how it might actually be daunting cooking for someone who's perceived as a 'critic' until I started blogging and started getting that comment!

Hannah @ Love to dine
Glad I'm not alone. Surely we all started this because we're just a bit greedy and needed an excuse for it? Or is that just me?!
Anonymous said…
I just needed a justification for my excessive restaurant habit!

Hannah @ Love to dine
Some say excessive. I reckon we're just doing our bit for the economy ;)
This sounds very very familiar!! I too get: 'Ah, no please don't try my cake, its not very good'. But in my sweet world, all cake = good!

PS: And I too use blogging as a grand excuse to be baking and eating!
If they don't want us to eat cake then don't bake us cake!
Chris said…
Hi Nicki, just found your blog. I think I am going to love visiting. I left Cardiff over 40 years ago to come to Canada but I still like to check on things now and then. Have a wonderful weekend.
Aw thanks Chris :) Hope you enjoy reading it

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