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Dish of the month: Salt & Pepper Squid, Dragon Court

I don’t often make a habit of hanging around industrial estates waiting for men I’ve met on the internet, but frankly when Masterchef finalist, local blogger and all round lovely chap Imran Nathoo of Kitchen Clonc asks if you fancy going for a Chinese feast you say “Hell Yes!”

I admit I was slightly bemused to then find myself hanging around Capital Retail Park, best known for a giant Asda, gym and casino and for being right next to Cardiff City’s stadium but he assured me his sources were solid and that Dragon Court was going to be the shiz.

This isn’t so much a review but a recommendation of one dish. This isn’t to say the other things we ordered weren’t good but when one dish stands head and shoulders above the others and the local competition, I feel it merits its own post. Also Imran talks as much as I do and we completely forgot to take proper notes as we were too busy yakking.

After a quick discussion on etiquette (I’m pleased to say he’s a sharer) we quickly dissected the rath…

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