Testing, testing, 1...2...1...2...


It’s been...a while.

Things have changed a lot and whilst I had tried my hand at writing under another name, it didn’t feel like me. In fact it felt like I was trying to run away from who I was and am, almost ashamed of the legacy this site had built up. That was probably a bit daft and I’m pleased to say I’ve come back to myself. It feels good.

So here we are. Now what?

Well, there will definitely be writing. Most of it will be about food. There will probably be some restaurant reviews at some point and then lots of me rambling on about craft beer (it’s like this totally new thing...what do you mean you already know?), gin, being Welsh-Italian and why more places should serve laverbread.

Are you ready? I’m not sure I am but let’s go!


It’s a nice surprise to see you back - looking forward to reading more! xx
Kacie Morgan said…
I’m so happy to wake up to this news. Always loved your blog all those years ago, and I am sure I am going to love it again now!

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