What I’m drinking: June 2018

So as well as wittering on about what I’m having for my lunch/dinner, you’ll see these *gestures at blogpost* where I witter on about what I’m drinking too. This will be everything from whatever craft beer I “claim” to have discovered this month through to any soft drinks I accidentally imbibe thinking there’s already gin in there.

You get the idea.

So this month, I’ll be mostly drinking....

Limoncello Spritz
Summertime and the onslaught of insta-cocktails has already begun. If your feed is anything like mine, it’s wall to wall Aperol Spritz and Camparis and soda, which frustratingly I have to avoid due to an allergy to anything orange-based.

I still want a fizzy citrus hit though, so a Limoncello Spritz (one part limoncello, 3 parts prosecco, served over ice and topped up with soda and mint) is the perfect alternative.

Duchesse de Bourgogne, Brouwerij Verhaeghe (6% ABV)
It’s safe to say this Flemish Red blew my tiny brain the first time I tried it. Big, juicy red fruit flavours and a slight acidic kick put me in mind of a good sherry and if I hadn’t known it was an ale I would have put money on it being from the vine family. Pair it with a rich pasta dish or a baked cheese and thank me later.

Black Cow Vodka
Talking of drinks that blew my mind, in a good way, Black Cow has changed the way I think about vodka. Made in Dorset from excess milk (which they use for their cheesemaking business), this is as far from the discount supermarket rubbish that I insisted on pickling myself with at university as you can get.

Smooth, creamy and with a sweet aftertaste, this would make the perfect martini and leave your senses stirred, not shaken.

Crooked Beverage Co Alcoholic Soda Dayglo Skies (4.7% ABV) 
Alcoholic soda? Yes, I was confused as you. But with a good fruit flavour, decent amount of fizz and a hint of malt, this reminded me of the short-lived 90s “Refresher” alcopop, based on the classic children’s sweets. If you don’t like beer and want something to take to a bbq without the hassle of a bottle of spirits and mixers, give it a go.

I’m not really sure what to make of it other than I would definitely buy these again.

Lemon and Lime Gose, Pipes (4.9% ABV)
Sour beers are my catnip and this by local faves, Pontcanna’s Pipes micro-brewery is a great example of  gose style.

Lemon, lime and pink Himalayan sea salt make for a tongue-twisting combination, with a clean, refreshing aftertaste. Perfect as an easier drinking beer at your next bbq and the ABV should leave you feeling fresh as a daisy.


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