Now we are five...

Five years ago this month I went out for a meal.  Nothing unusual about that you might say, people go out for food all the time.  A week later I wrote a little something on my Myspace page (is that still even a thing?) about it, mainly to amuse my friends.  They read it, they liked it, some commenting that it made them hungry.  So off they dashed to the restaurant to relive my meal.  It lived up to expectation and they asked me to recommend some more places.  And so Cardiff Bites v.1 was born. 

Over the next two years I wrote more, making friends with like-minded foodies from across Cardiff, keen to share their finds as well as those further afield just keen to share recipes and talk about all things foodie.  I wrote a couple of guest posts for other sites and was soon approached by to write a few articles for print.

Suddenly Myspace seemed small for what I needed so in 2008 I painstakingly moved content over to v.2 - the site you see now.

The next three years were a rollercoaster with dramatic highs (sharing food memories with We Are Cardiff, talking about my site to other bloggers at a Cardiff Blogs Meet-up and judging at the Wales True Taste awards) and crushing lows (not least being diagnosed with IBS and fearing the life of carefree foodie fun was over).

So now I sit here, a bit older and perhaps a little bit less "green" to the whole thing (I refuse to comment if I'm wiser, those who know me can be the judge of that) wondering what the next five years will hold.  Hopefully I still have a few more posts in me yet! 

To mark the occasion, the next month will see a series of guest-posts from local writers as well as my usual witterings.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did and hopefully you'll go on to read their blogs too.

Here's to another five years (and maybe v.3)


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