Cardiff Bites needs you!

In less than a month, this little blog is five years old.  In that time it's gone from a few tentative postings on Myspace to writing guest posts for Visit Wales, hanging out with The Guardian at the Taste of London festival and judging at the final of this years Wales True Taste Awards!

I've met some great producers, top chefs and many, many passionate foodies along the way.

So, dear readers, what do I need from you? 

Well, this is your chance to write a guest post for this very blog.  I'm looking for great writers and foodies who are willing to write 300 - 500 words on one of the following: -
  • Your favourite eatery in Cardiff - anything from your local cafe to that restaurant you can't get enough of.  Why do you love eating there? What's your favourite dish? Share it with the world!
  • Food in your area - be it Canton, Roath, Whitchurch or elsewhere in this city.  Where are the best places to eat? Let us know.
  • Maybe you don't live in Cardiff, or just want to share a story - I'm also looking for your food memories, be they of the city, Wales or your family.  Take us there with you.
Some house-rules:
  • Cardiff Bites is known for it's light-hearted style so no academic essays (unless you can work in a joke or two)
  • Keep it clean - whilst tongue-in-cheek is firmly encouraged, I don't want to have to censor naughtiness.  Same goes for language - I'm not a prude but hey, there's kids reading this (maybe).
  • I reserve the right to tidy up grammar and spelling (anyone who's read my blog knows I'm pretty bad at this but it doesn't mean I need to drag you all down with me)
  • Stick to the brief but feel free to suggest another topic if you have a burning passion to write about something else (food-related of course)
  • Photos are great but must be your own.  These will be correctly attributed in the blogpost
  • Finally, this blog makes no money and carries no advertising so write for the love and no sending me invoices, no payments will be made.
In the weird scenario that I feel your post doesn't fit the brief/house rules I will let you know and see how we can work together.  Similarly, if I suddenly get inundated then postings might be a bit slow - I endeavour to get them all online at some point though.

All work will be posted by me and attributed to you, along with any photos supplied.  If you want to include your own website, blog, twitter feed or flickr site then I'll add this at the bottom of the post.

Interested? Email me at Happy writing!


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