Tea flavoured chocs (and a new era for Cardiff Bites)

Today is a rather exciting day for this blog. We've received our first free sample courtesy of Lahloo Teas. Now there has been plenty of debate over the past few months about ethical food blogging so I just wanted to get that part out of the way!

"So what has Nicki been sent?", I hear you ask. "Surely she doesn't get this excited over tea?"

Well for one, yes I do. Tea is amazing stuff. But this is something a bit different.

Bristol based tea merchant Kate Gover of Lahloo Teas has been working with chocolatier Damian Allsop (supplier of fine chocolates to The Fat Duck as well as other top establishments) to create a range of chocolates infused with the flavours of tea.

Intrigued, they kindly sent me a little sample to try.

And here it is....

Earl Grey Chocolate Ganache.

Tiny bit bashed in transit. But yes, it really smells of tea! But how does it taste?

First impression is that this is actually very savoury and not at all like the overly sweet ganaches that I'm used to. The ganache is soft and melts in the mouth, with a slightly fugdy quality to it. There is an aftertaste of the delicate bergamot that lingers long after eating.

These are proper grown up chocs, to be savoured not scoffed. I'm not sure I could manage to eat more than one or two in a sitting but they would be a perfect after dinner treat.

At £12.50 for a dozen, these chocs are certainly more expensive than your average box of Milk Tray but they do make an interesting present for the tea-lover or chocoholic in your life.

To find out more visit Lahloo Teas site.


Nikki Vivian said…
Very much like the look of those!
A proper treat for tea lovers. I also recommend Lahloo's lovely loose tea - I keep their Breakfast Assam in work and whilst I get some strange looks for using a tea infuser it does perk me up in the morning.

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