Cardiff International Food Fest - A buyer's guide

As long-term readers of the blog will know, I'm not the biggest fan of Cardiff's International Food Festival.  Last year I had a bit of a rant and decided not to go, there were plenty of other food festivals on that summer and the thought of being too hot and packed tightly into Roald Dahl Plass jostling with other foodies didn't sound like fun.

Now the festival has rolled around again and I found myself with Friday afternoon free so decided to brave the weather and avoid the anticipated crowds and head down.

Somewhat predictably I have now returned home with my wallet significantly lighter and my bag bulging with goodies.  If you're visiting the festival this weekend then these are my top picks.


Those with a sweet-tooth will be well served at the festival with cake stands, puddings and sweets galore.

Cocoa Magic's Port & Stilton Truffles [Photo: Cardiff Bites]
I treated myself to some hand-made truffles from Cardiff-based Cocoa Magic, located over on the Farmers Market.  I'm a big fan of their unusual flavours (Marmite, Mojito, Mint and Chili and many others that don't begin with 'M') and was delighted to see a new flavour combination - Port and Stilton.  I'm planning on tucking into them after dinner tonight!


Oh so much choice on offer from cheese to pies.  Lovers of the weird and wonderful should go to see The Natural Game Company (Stand C) who are selling everything from pheasant and duck to squirrel and zebra!

I played it safe with some beautifully plump lamb chops from Dewi Roberts Butchers (Stand L) and lamb merguez sausages from the award-winning Trealy Farm (Stand I).

Goodies from Little Welsh Deli [Photo: Cardiff Bites]
There are also pasties, snacks and pies galore.  I ended up buying pork pies with black pudding from Orchard Pigs (Stand H), a Gower steak and ale pasty from The Little Welsh Deli (along with some of their sticky toffee pudding, both to be found at Stand O).

Oat and spelt loaf [Photo: Cardiff Bites]

Finally I bought an oat and spelt loaf from the puntastically named Bread of Devon on Stand L.  A light, nutty loaf, this would be perfect sliced thin, lightly toasted and served with cheese and chutney as a light lunch.


As with most food festivals there is plenty of opportunity to drink yourself silly on free samples of the hard stuff if you so wish.  My favourite find of the day was Field Bar Wine (to be found at the Farmer's Market) who do a wonderful arrange of fruit and floral wines.

Fruity wines [Photo: Cardiff Bites]
Their wines range from elderflower champagne and ginger wine to some unusual flavours including a light and refreshing lemon wine  - these are well worth a look.

So whilst the weather may be lousy, there are plenty of treats to indulge in if you do decide to head down this weekend. 

Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival is on 6th - 8th July in Cardiff Bay. Entry is free.


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