Croeso i Dubai!

This week saw 6 Welsh food producers head to Dubai to exhibit their goods and fly the flag for Wales at the Gulfood event - the world's largest annual food and hospitality show.

Attendees at the event could find out more about products including Welsh lamb, mineral water, crisps and milk drinks - all promoted by the Welsh Government as part of their Wales The True Taste initiative.

It got me thinking about what iconic Welsh dishes we could market abroad.  Italy has the pizza, France the croissant, America the cheeseburger - what could Wales offer?

Welsh Rarebit

Probably not the best thing to market to a country with strict alcohol laws but this tasty cheesy dish (with added beer and mustard) is the ultimate Welsh snack food.  Nicer than plain cheese on toast and very quick.

Welsh Cakes

How much more iconic can you get than our dear little Welsh Cake.  Somewhere between a scone and a pancake these are sweet and perfect with a refreshing cup of tea. Well, if the English can sell Cream Teas and ship them all over the world, why can't we do the same with the humble Welsh cake?

Penclawdd Cockles

Growing up with a view of the Gower peninsula probably leaves me biased but this tiny bi-valve mollusk from the Burry Estuary are the best.  Eat them drenched in vinegar and be immediately transported to the Welsh seaside or fry them with bacon as part of a traditional Welsh breakfast.

Laver Bread

Talking of breakfast, no Welsh breakfast would be complete without laver bread.  Not a bread at all, this dish made from seaweed and oats is a proper Welsh superfood - being high in iron, protein and vitamins B2, A, D and C.

What other great dishes or ingredients do you think we should be shouting about?


Clairey said…
We have laver bread for breakfast tomorrow with bacon and egg. Heaven!
Is it Bread of Heaven if you put it on toast? ;)
Sarah N said…
So desperately upsetting how difficult it is to get hold of Penclawdd cockles in Cardiff (unless Keith the Fish has started selling them again). My mother, who's a fan, often travels to Swansea market for a taste.

Huge numbers of them make their way to Spain, mind. Gah and that.
It's very frustrating but feasibly if we want them we have to create a market for it in the UK.

Please eat cockles people. They are dirt cheap and very, very good for you!
Clairey said…
I'm a bit prosaic generally but I could write sonnets about egg yolk bursting over laver bread.
And Penclawdd cockles...hmmm, I'm in Swansea on Monday. A nice bump

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