Come Dine with Tweeps: Round 2

After a promising start and a bit of a hiatus, our little "Come Dine with Me" competition finally got to the halfway mark when I hosted round 2 earlier in January.

Being a food blogger staging a dinner party is a terrifying experience.  You're supposed to know good food, you're expected to conjure up something pretty special and above all you're expected to do it all faultlessly.

Did I pull it off?  Until we know the final scores I can't be sure, but clean plates and pleas for recipes are usually a good sign.

Starter: Coquille Sant Jacques

Main: Sirloin steak with a Chestnut, Madeira and Porcini sauce served with Soft Polenta

Pudding: Lemon Posset with Rosemary Shortbread

Conversation: Retro food, island living and 90s music

Food Highlights: Guests seemed to enjoy the pud the most with Abby exclaiming she was full but could happily eat a bathful of posset when she returned home.

Hopefully there won't be so much of a gap until round 3!


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