Guest Post: Cote Brasserie

Cote Brasserie, winner of the award for 'Best Restaurant Chain' at the Michael Winner Dinner Awards 2010, has opened its first restaurant in Wales.  I went along to review for The Guardian and this is the result.

The timing of this review couldn't be more poignant with Cardiff institution, Le Gallois, closing its doors on February 5th 2011.  I never had the opportunity to eat at Le Gallois, sadly my wallet rarely stretches far, and am disappointed that it looks like I've missed my chance. 

With the owner's other venues, Boof and Garcon, looking set to continue I wonder how the future of French food in the city will pan out.  Only time will tell. 


Dawn x said…
Nice review, Cote Brasserie looks like it could be worth a try. I must say, Le Gallois is only £30 for 2 courses or £35 for 3 so not altogether a much more expensive option. It's a shame to see Le Gallois closing, I just hope that chain restaurants don't get in the way of the owners other ventures.
Thanks Dawn.

I agree. Chains have their place and it is good to see so many opening their first venues in Wales after ignoring the region for so long but it shouldn't be at the expense of local, independent restauranteurs.

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