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Just a quick catch up on the events of the past week.

Firstly, the Cardiff Bloggers meetup went fantastically well - big congrats to Hannah for compering so well and for putting myself, Phil (Pint of 45) and Gwyneth (Cardiff Fashion) at ease as we spoke about our blogs and experiences of blogging.  I hope the passion we all have for our subjects came across and I for one have been overwhelmed by the audience reaction and the great feedback we've had since the night. One thing that came out of the night was the term "expert" - I said it then and I'll say it now, I'm just a girl who likes her food (possibly a bit more than is healthy!) and I happen to share my opinion about it with you, my dear readers, and anyone who's within earshot.  We all have opinions on food and there's no right and wrong when it comes to personal taste. A good opinion blog should be like a trusted friend, a step up from traditional word-of-mouth recommendations. I hope I've struck the balance on that!  Thanks as well to the audience that night for their patience with us and also for the great questions.  If you want to ask me anything about my blog, you can always leave me a comment here too :)  You can read Hannah's write up of the night here.

Secondly, I've made the longlist of nominations for the Wales Blog Awards!  Thanks to everyone who nominated me.  It's great to see so many foodies making the longlist, including Pint of 45, Saturday Baking Challenge, Tea and Biscuits who all featured on this very blog.  Congrats also to Corpulent Capers and Hint of Sarcasm for being nominated in the Best Writing category.  Perhaps in the 2011 Awards "Best Food Blog" would be an addition to the categories as we are a section of the blogging world that is growing rapidly in Wales.  Looking forward to seeing who makes it on to the shortlist and eventually being crowned as one of the best bloggers in Wales on October 14th.

I've got some blogposts in the pipeline and also a guest post on another site coming up that I'm very excited about.  As ever, watch this space and feel free to leave me your questions and comments!


Kath said…
You did a fab job at the Cardiff bloggers meet-up and your enthusiasm for food and your blog shone through.

Congrats on being long-listed for the Wales Blog Awards and look forward to seeing you on the short-list!
Thanks Kath - I think it's reassuring to know no matter how long we've been blogging for and what we blog about, we all encounter the same problems and have the same insecurities (mostly unfounded!)

I was wondering when the next cardiff bloggers meet-up is? I have been blogging for ages but hadn't heard about a meetup before. I love meeting other bloggers from our great little city. Welldone on making the longlist by the way :)

Laura x
Hi Laura,

Ooh do come along! They are run regularly by Guardian Cardiff and Your Cardiff (part of Media Wales).

You can either find them on Twitter (@gdncardiff and @yourcardiff) or on the web at and

Not sure when the next one is!

Thanks Nikki, just followed them on twitter now....cannot wait for the next meetup :)

Laura x
Cardiff Homes said…
Thanks for the reads! Perhaps I'll start a Cardiff property blog sometime in the near future :-)
Go on Cardiff Homes, you'd have the monopoly (can you see what I did there? no? I'll get me coat)

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