Raspberry Cupcake

After seeing that a new cupcake house had opened on Park Place, I couldn't resist popping in for a bite and a pot of tea.

Two cupcakes and a jug (yes jug, I'm not sure what happened to a normal teapot!) of tea for two came in at £8.

Be warned these little fellas are very sugary, so no trying to eat more than one as you may slip into a sugar induced coma.

Central Park is open 7am - 7pm and seems perfect for those in search of a breakfast or pre-theatre pick me up as well as anyone wanting to have an informal coffee meeting.

That said, there was a rather enticing advert for champagne and oysters so anyone looking to impress a loved one may want to head there!


Pam said…
It looks incredibly delicious and love the coloring of it!
All the cupcakes were beautifully iced and the one I ate (pictured) was indeed delicious. Pity I couldn't manage more than one!

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