Bites @ Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival...

Yesterday (Saturday 11th July), I braved the rain and the crowds and hit the Bay area to sample the annual Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival, part of the Cardiff Festival season.

After eating and drinking my way around the site, tweeting as I went, here are the highlights of my adventures...

Kid Me Not (Goats Milk Products) - The cheese was outstanding but the big hit was their range of fudge. Our favourite flavour - tough choice! Ended up buying plain, lemon & lime and berry delight - "A wonderful combination of blueberries soaked overnight in a bramble liqueur and added to the fudge at the peak of cooking. No alcohol but a wonderful taste of the berries". Exceptional stuff!

The Handmade Scotch Egg Company - Everyone I know is addicted to these beauties, and with a great range including meat, vegetarian and even an eggless scotch egg - there really is something for everyone. I've even managed to convert a couple of scotch egg haters! The only problem is trying to decide which one to have next. Finally settled on a Gillie, which replaces the pork with venison - rich, well seasoned and filling. Perfect lunchtime treat.

Condessa Welsh Liqueurs - The Black Cherry liqueur is a definite favourite with the Praline and Limoncello coming in as close second and third.

Ginger Tam's - Smooth whisky, hot ginger and sweet honey combine to make one amazing drink. It's a strong drink (57% abv) so be careful. This would be excellent on a chilly winter night or for "medicinal purposes"!

Trealy Farm - A great range of cured, smoked and air-dried meats including venison salami, boudin noir (french-style black pudding) and some beautiful lardons.

Wil's Smokehouse - If you're like me then you probably have snacks to hand most of the time. Yes I am a glutton! But if you fancy trying something new then check out Wil's nuts (*ahem*) and seeds which are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Cothi Valley Goats - Noticing a theme yet?! This festival was all about goats and deer! Great range of cheeses, goat meat products, desserts and everything in between - including their own halloumi!


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