Maki and Nori and Ramen - Oh My!

I love sushi. This is probably no secret to anyone who reads my blog. I love the clean, fresh taste of it and how simple ingredients can be transformed into a thing of beauty by skilled hands. And boy are they skilled! Having sat "ringside" and watched the chef at Zushi create perfect nori rolls, sashimi and carrots shaped like roses, I am constantly amazed by his talents.

But how easy is it to do at home? Impossible surely?! Well, armed with the basic ingredients (readily available in my local Tesco as well as specialist outlets), a rolling mat and the Yo Sushi Cookbook I intend to have a go this Saturday! It will all be photographed for your enjoyment and I'll let you know how I get on and post up the recipes I use so you can try too!

In the meantime I will be boning up on the art of sushi making by watching the tutorials at
Photo Credit: L Pullen (2008) See my links for more of Lee's photos!


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