Go Emily!

I have found a new idol! Alongside Jay Rayner, Nigel "God" Slater there is Emily "crazy teenager" Ludolf.

She has kept everyone at "Bites Towers" thoroughly entertained during her appearences on Masterchef 2008.

The look on John and Greg's faces when she served them her "Mud Pie", surely the greatest dessert on tv in a long time, to the shocked food writers at her divine sounding "Bacon, sausage and eggs" which turned out to be Chorizo, ricotta and soft egg ravioli with crisp parma ham and pea shoot coulis (yummy, I want, I want, I want!!!!)

Well tonight is the final in Masterchef and I will be glued to the set. One thing is for sure, Emily has a promising career ahead of her whether she wins or not!


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