Alfred's Bar and Grill, Pontypridd

In a prime location on Market Street, Alfred's is unique among Pontypridd eateries.The downstairs bar is spacious and chicly decorated, whilst the cavernous restaurant area upstairs remains somehow intimate due to good lighting and use of space.

The menu is split over two sections - the standard fair on the menu is around £7.95 (including the Rack of Lamb and Roast Loin of Pork); whilst the specials are posted on a board behind several chiller counters, where you are invited to order, picking your own meat or fish as necessary. I was lucky enough to not be paying this time (a works lunch) so after making the difficult decision of starter vs. dessert (pudding won) I opted for the Marinated Venison, which I ordered with chips (there was also jacket potato or boiled potatoes on offer).

The meat arrived quick enough, and just the right side of medium rare, leaving a lovely pink ring of meat at the centre. The meat was sat atop a bed of red cabbage and the whole thing was covered with a Port and Redcurrant sauce.

Unfortunately my chips took a further 5 minutes to arrive, by which time my meat was just turning cold. The chips themselves were slightly greasy tasting, which was at odds with the sweetness of the sauce. The meat itself was tender and melted in the mouth.

The waitresses hurridly cleared the plates and dessert menus were thrust down. I am a complete dessert-a-holic and got very excited when I saw that a Turkish Delight filled pancake was on the menu and ordered it promptly, only to be told that they did not have this filling available - why was this not pointed out straight away? Slightly dissapointed I nevertheless opted for the Chocolate Crush Pancake. It arrived after a 15 minute wait, again slightly cold - as if it had been waiting for service. The pancake itself was stuffed with chocolate sauce, covered in crushed hazelnuts and more chocolate and served with chocolate ice cream, strawberries, lemon and orange. Despite a powerful aftertaste of eggs, it was very nice, but nothing special.

And I think that's the problem with Alfred's - compared to other eateries in Pontypridd it is the only one of its type, offering high end meat and fish (how many other places serve Wasabi Seared Tuna?) at middle range prices. But the quality of the service and the minor problems above stop it from being as good as other restaurants of its type in the South Wales area such as El Prado's in Laleston, Bridgend or the Mediterraneo in Penarth.

Together with a glass of Chardonnay the meal came to around £20.

Alfred's Bar and Grill
3/4 Market Street, Pontypridd, South Wales
Tel: 01443 404060


Lee said…
I've had the Turkish Delight filled pancake before and it was deeeeeeelicious!

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