An unplanned delight at The Bay

It should have been so easy. I was going to go to Mimosa in Cardiff Bay, eat some good food and then write about it.

Mimosa had other ideas. Take a tip people - if you want to eat at one of the hottest new places in the bay, even if it's just for lunch, make a booking - you can do it online, it's easy.

Needless to say, I turn up with my guests having not booked, only to be told that the place is full and we can't be seated for food for another thirty minutes!

A split second decision saw us back out in the breezy bay. Where to go? By this time we were all hungry and just wanting some good food.

Walking back to the car we passed The Bay
, with it's large poster adorning the window, promising a two course lunch for £6.50. We dived in and were immediately seated.

Now it wouldn't be fair to review The Bay without mentioning the decor briefly - it could be described as "vibrant" bordering on insane with the sponge effect fluorescent green of the walls clashing nicely with the Christmas tablecloths which were still in place despite it being nearly February.

But (and it's a big BUT) please don't be put off!

The lunch menu is expansive but we quickly placed our orders.

To start I chose the Thai Spring Rolls (a bit like a potato aloo in filo pastry, spicey and not at all greasy), my fellow diners opting for the Chicken and Sweetcorn soup (creamy and light), Hot & Sour soup (Light, spicey but not overly sour) and the Ribs (a huge portion with plenty of sauce).
These were devoured with aplomb.

The main course was served quickly but without the meal feeling rushed. A huge portion of egg fried rice was shared between the four of us and it was just the right amount.

I ordered the Pork Satay and didn't regret it for a second. It was all at once spicey, light, creamy and with plenty of nuts and chilli - leaving a slight warm feeling on the tongue.

The Lemon Chicken was fresh and crisp without the batter being greasy. The sauce, which is often oversweet and chemically in other establishments, was also light and not cloying on the palate.
Crispy Beef with Chilli was again lightly battered and with a good chilli sauce.

My partner ordered the Red Thai Beef Curry (adding £2 to the lunchtime price) and was delighted with the huge portion he received. It seems to be a theme with The Bay, but again the dish was creamy and balanced without being overly rich or heavy, as too often happens when using coconut milk. The beef was tender and the sauce packed with baby corn, chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

Never one to turn down a dessert, I ordered the Profiteroles filled with ice cream and covered in hot chocolate sauce and adorned with hazelnuts and whipped cream. Bliss!

The whole meal, with coffee and drinks, came to just shy of £50.

The Bay Restaurant
Unit 25, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5BZ
T: 02920 483388
F: 02920 494988


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