Lunch at Las Iguanas

And so this Saturday I returned to an old friend. It's seen me through some very happy times and never fails to suprise me and fill me with a sense of well being. As you can tell, I enjoy eating at Las Iguanas, situated on Cardiff's Mill Lane.

The menu
has changed a little from last time I was there, but as that was 10 months ago I won't quibble too much.

After much discussion I opted for the Bocatilla Queso and Dom for Bread and Olives. The Bocatilla Queso could simply be seen as cheese on toast but it's just so much more - slices of french bread topped with melted goats cheese and some kind of chilli jam, which had a suprising kick, oozed together. Dom's bread and olives were also so much more than the menu described - beautifully marinated kalamata olives tasted of chilli and red wine, served with large slabs of bread, it made a satisfying starter.

Going for a variation on a theme we both had Enchilada's for main, Dom ordering the shredded duck whilst I opted for the lunch time special of chicken (special as it was £6 instead of the normal £8.50). Both arrived back piping hot, served atop rice and black beans. Both were spicey, packed with the poultry of our choice as well as onions, peppers and tomatoes. Whilst Dom quickly devoured his, I'm afraid dear readers that I did leave a little - the portion was huge!

Normally lunch time offers fob you off with sub standard fare or a smaller portion - this was neither!

The final bill, with drinks, came to around £12.50 a head.

Las Iguanas is throroughly consistent with a great atmosphere. I also highly recommend the tapas, Paella, Xinxim and the cocktails (which include non alcoholic drinks).


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